Who we are

About the firm

Started in 2014 by Kunal Baweja, Affinity design studio architects is an architecture and interior design firm based in Delhi-NCR

Affinity design studio architects is a firm of young, passionate and self motivated architects.

We have the expertise in architectural and interior design work and have worked with multiple clients across a wide range of sectors. A professional commitment, based on trust and quality work together with an inherent focus on Spatial Planning, Design and Sustainability, helps ADS Architects achieve long lasting and fruitful relationships with their clients.

Our Vision

To establish Affinity design studio architects as one the major contributors in shaping and designing the future of India.

Our Mission

Our is to respond to the needs of our clients by providing eco-friendly ideas and aesthetically pleasing facilities that are tailored for the end user. And to ensure we meet the project budget and time deadlines.

We have established a reputation for maintaining honest and meaningful relationships with our clients. These relationships allow for open and honest conversation about real needs and real situations. Our clients have come to understand that our customer relationship with them is as important to the process as the final design we produce.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple and direct. Each space we plan and build must work efficiently for owners and occupants. It must be built in time and within the specified budget. Each project must satisfy its economic goal be it a public institution with minimum profits. It must make an aesthetic contribution to the community. We respect the neighborhood in which we built by designing in harmony with what was there earlier. We believe that the unique functional needs of each client must shape our design. Each plan must be fitted to meet the complex of local conditions & desires and at the same time reflect the continuous advance of technique and knowledge.